Failure Part #1

YEARS ago, my class was incharge of Ganesh Chaturthi celebration at school. I remember being excited to have this sense of responsibility to get things done for one of the biggest celebrations of the year.

One task was to get the Ganesh idol from our school attic. And here is what happened:

1) My friend and I volunteered very enthusiastically to go bring the idol. Imagine a celebration without an idol. We knew it was an important task.

2) We kids, weren’t very strong, and we were wearing long skirts (lehengas) but assumed that two of us…

I’ve lived in India my whole life but have been lucky enough to experience different cultures across this diverse nation and have had the privilege of traveling to other countries to enjoy different cultures. This did make me feel like I was culturally “woke”. Well, this was how I felt in February 2020.

Fast forward and suddenly we find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic. During the lockdown, we were all pushed into a new reality. …

Does this mean I have failed?

According to my 5-year plan of 2015, in 2021, I was supposed to be in my final year of B-School. Fast forward to February 2021, I am far, far away from any B-School.

Does this mean I have failed?

For someone who loves being in control, deviating from my plan / goal is difficult but I have not failed.

I have taken a very recent experience to demonstrate how deviating from a plan affects me and how I am working on overcoming it.

In the peak of the 2020 lockdown, I decided to write…

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is an inspiration. From reading everything on her to gawking over her workout routine when I couldn’t even do a single push up, her life and work inspires one to never stop.

Ever since I heard about her demise, I wanted to write about what I learnt from RBG through her life (wins and struggles) and how I use it in my life.

Here is how RBG inspires me:

1) Your fights don’t have to be big and loud:

This is definitely my biggest learning from RBG’s work. When RBG started litigating on issues pertaining to women’s…

I was a boisterous kid till I entered a classroom — being asked question or asking questions was not my forte. When someone (with authority) told me something, I was most likely going to accept it just as — no questions asked. This unfortunate trait stayed with me for as long as I can remember. This is post is not going to discuss why I was sacred but rather about how I understood the value of asking “why?”.

My first job was in a law firm and I had spent 5 years learning all about the law. Of course, I…

I have always found that routines help me gain the most out my day. But I was feeling off my game three weeks ago. It’s been gnawing at me but I was not able to pin point the exact reason. I found myself spending more time on social media or watching a show and whenever I thought about sitting down to write my next article, I would come up with a various many reasons to postpone it!

After two weeks of not doing anything to break this slump I mentioned this to a friend of mine and I realized that…

An idea is only 1% of the success, but the real differentiator between success and failure is in the execution of the idea. This can be extrapolated to adoption of tools as well. Identifying the best tool gives you the trill and satisfaction in knowing that you will be equipped to scale faster but the key to accomplishing success lies in the entire team embracing and mastering the use of the tool in sync.

As a self-appointed purveyor of all fine tools for improving efficiency, I was very excited to test the different options available to improve WEGoT’s support. …

^ The only reason I love my husband’s Hyderabad trips


Every time my husband returns from Hyderabad, I expect to see a box a Labonel Brownies and every time I sink my teeth into one of them, I experience the same level of joy. This has happened so often that I now come to expect the same level of joy because of one factor that Labonel and my husband (:P) have achieved — consistency in their offering.

Think about any service or product you keep going back to and you will notice that the one common thread between them is their consistency. …

Imagine you are drowning in a pool of customer queries — your team receives calls, emails, and text messages from multiple customers at the same time. Your survival instincts kick in and you grab onto the first thing that will ensure you stay afloat — an excel sheet. Excel sheets have been the starting point for so many teams but in support an excel sheet may be your life jacket that will keep you afloat, but it will not take you back to the shore. In an excel sheet, you will add each issue received manually and keep track of…

At times the Agent & Customer go through the same journey!

In the early days at WEGoT, we had a leader focusing on every “critical” function from Product Dev to Sales to Deployment but after-sales + support was a mixed effort, everyone contributed when the need arose. This presented an opportunity for me to fulfil a gap by aligning the business goals to improved customer experience.

My grand vision was to make customer’s happy by focusing on improving their experience. Typically, the focus of this experience for most business’s initially is limited to the honeymoon period, how will it be love at first sight? how to acquire a customer? …

Parvati Parkkot

Chasing predictive Customer Happiness by self correcting.

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